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Revenue Growth is The Most Metric That The Global Marketing Organizations Are Tracking It With a Rate of 74% in 2019

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Marketing metrics are measurable values used by marketing teams to prove the efficiency of campaigns across all marketing channels. Organizations are tracking their digital marketing performance, SEO progress, or even their social media growth, having measurable marketing metrics and KPIs set up can help organizations to reach their targets month-over-month.
Digital marketing efforts are tied to metrics, marketers can better demonstrate that measuring metrics have implications not just for marketing decisions, but also for sales & customer service.

Take a glance at the most important metrics that marketing organizations are tracking in 2019:

  • Revenue growth is ranked as the most metric that the global organizations are tracking it with a rate of 74%.
  • Sales effectiveness comes at next as the second tracked metric by organizations with a rate of 64%.
  • Web traffic is also listed as an important metric tracked by organizations at a rate of 61%.
  • Customer satisfaction metric comes at next with a rate of 60%.
The Percentage of Organizations That Track The Following Metrics, 2019.

A Graph Shows The Percentage of Marketing Organizations That Track These Metrics, 2019.


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