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The Most Important Marketing Strategies Success Challenges, 2019

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The success in turning ordinary internet users into online shoppers, that is because digital marketers can select which group of people to target with their ads based on users’ interests and their demographic data. Customer acquisition management can be considered the connection between advertising and customer relationship management to acquire new customers.

Take a glance at the most important success challenges of marketing strategies, 2019:

  • Increasing customer acquisition is ranked as the most important challenge of marketing strategies success at a rate of 53%.
  • Increasing leads is ranked as the second most important challenge of marketing strategies success at a rate of 48%.
  • Improving brand awareness come at next as an important marketing success challenge at a rate of 44%.
  • Improving engagement also listed as an important challenge of marketing strategies at a rate of 32%.
Marketing Strategies Success challenges in 2019

A Graph Shows The Marketing Strategies Success Challenges, 2019.


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