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The Marketing Potential of The Mobile Application Advertising, 2019

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Mobile advertising is a rapidly growing sector providing brands, agencies, and marketers the opportunity to connect with consumers beyond traditional and digital media directly on their mobile phones. When designing a mobile advertising campaign, there are multiple channels available to reach the consumer. Those include mobile web sites, mobile applications, mobile messaging and mobile video.
Mobile applications are a rapidly developing segment of the global mobile market. They consist of software which is running on a mobile device and which performs certain tasks and provides utility for a mobile phone user. Mobile applications are common on most mobile phones today. They are key to providing user interfaces for basic telephony and messaging services, as well as for more advanced and entertaining experiences such as playing games, browsing and watching videos on mobile phones.

Take a glance at the marketing potential of the in-app advertisements, 2019:

  • 48% of surveyed mobile gamers reported that they tend to buy brands that they see advertised.
  • 26% of surveyed mobile gamers mentioned that they discover brands via in-app advertising.
  • 20% of surveyed mobile gamers said that they purchased a mobile game in the last month.
  • 17% of surveyed mobile gamers indicated that they have purchased a game add-on and clicked on online advertising in the last month.
Marketing potential of in-app advertising is clear 2019 by mobile gamers

A Figure Shows The Marketing Potential of In Applications Advertising 2019.


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