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What Normally Drive Consumers To Share Their Email Address With Brands, Shops or Websites, 2019

Consumer Behavior | UK

Customer estimation of the number of brands they’re signed up to receive emails from saw one of the most marked changes year-on-year. A possible explanation could be a feeling that they opted out or unsubscribed from a number of these during the media coverage around GDPR. This was also notable for its apparent focus on ‘consent’, largely ignoring the opportunity for marketers to use ‘legitimate interests’ as a legal basis to market to customers. However, building strong relationships with an email list is one of the best marketing strategies for increasing sales performance and strengthening the position of a company.

Take a glance at what normally drives consumers in the UK to share their email address to brands, shops or websites, 2019:

  • Discounts and offers are ranked as the main motivation factor for surveyed UK consumers to give their email address to brands, shops or websites with a rate of 51%.
  • A regular customer is ranked as the second reason that persuades surveyed UK consumers to share their email address with brands with a rate of 46%.
  • Joining loyalty programs come at next as a motivation factor that drives surveyed UK consumers to give their emails to brands, shops or websites with a rate of 40%.
  • Trust in the brand or website is also listed as a factor that persuades surveyed UK consumers to share their email address with a rate of 31%.
What normally persuades you to give your email address to a brand shop site 2019

A Graph Shows What Drives The UK Consumers to Give Their Email Address to Brands, Shops or Websites 2019.

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