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The Top 3 Effective Lead Nurturing Techniques 2019

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Lead nurturing is the process of engaging a defined targeted group by providing relevant information at each stage of the buyer’s journey. While lead generation involves the marketing process of capturing and stimulating the interest of potential customers in a service or product for the main purpose of creating a sales journey, lead nurturing ensures that leads which have already been captured are cultivated into paying customers.

Take a glance at the most valuable techniques of leads nurturing by B2B marketers, 2019:

  • Email marketing is ranked as the most valuable technique of nurturing leads by surveyed B2B marketers with a rate of 62%.
  • Content marketing is ranked as the second most effective techniques that nurture leads by surveyed B2B marketers with a rate of 60%.
  • In-person marketing is also ranked as a valuable marketing technique of nurturing leads with a rate of 57%.
The Most valuable Techniques for Lead generation 2019

A Graph Shows The Valuable Techniques of Leads Nurturing, 2019.

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