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A lot of things in the marketing, eCommerce, and retail industry have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More companies have started to work from home, shifting eCommerce, changing audiences, providing new discounts, and moving services online.

In light of that, marketers can take advantage of working remotely and sharpen their data-driven insights that make the tele-meeting more valuable, actionable recommendations for adapting to new KPIs, deliver better, and foresee where the chances of the new sales are possible to be.

Digital Marketing Insights: Healthcare Marketing

According. to TapClicks data for the healthcare category, which is composed of hospitals, clinics, and medical centers with a percentage of 9.92%, massage clinics and therapists 3.18%, Chiropractors 2.5%, pharmacies .53%, physicians 75%, and dentists 1.6%.

This industry is with the biggest marketing spend overall at $30 billion in marketing in 2019, double from 20 years ago. On the other side, healthcare companies are consumed by the ongoing pandemic, they will remain a necessary and huge source of advertising.

Digital marketing is so important to this sector and along before the COVID-19 as it is the third most searched topic in Google (Internet Live Stats), The following figure shows the rise of the telehealth app:

The New Normal: Digital Marketing Insights 2020 | DMC

  1. Teladoc: This app has partnered up with major insurance companies to offer physician services by phone, besides the growing wave of other online health services from therapy, online-enabled testing, and discounted pharmaceuticals.
  2. Talkspace: Online therapy app with a licensed therapist.
  3. Heal: Telehealth and housecalls app.

Digital Marketing Insights: Key Revenue Opportunity: Retail Shifts Into eCommerce

According to AdWeek, retail brands will be shifting to e-commerce: “In order to survive, brands may need to pivot to e-commerce and alternative marketing solutions in the coming months.” We expect budgets to shift to digital as the demand for e-commerce grows – and local stores can sell “out of the area.”

Check the full report and get a deep look at the new normal digital marketing insights in 2020 among different industries.

The Table of Content of “The New Normal: Digital Marketing Insights Report”

  • Introduction
  • Key revenue opportunity: Healthcare marketing
  • Key revenue opportunity: Higher Education
  • Key revenue opportunity: Car dealers and leasing companies
  • Key revenue opportunity: Franchisees will need help – and can help agencies scale quickly
  • Key revenue opportunity: Retail shifts into eCommerce
  • Conclusion

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This report uses industry data along with proprietary analytics for several top industries and six channels to provide key insights to help marketers understand how to move forward in 2020.


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