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Digital Media Consumers: Cross-Country Trends, 2016 | PayPal

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Online marketplaces become more convenient, devices become more accessible, storing and streaming content on one device becomes more reliable. That affects consumer’s behavior in using media.

Read the following information to understand the state of digital media consuming across 2 media segments (eBooks & Games):


  • 58% of UK eBook readers read mystery, thriller and suspense novels.
  • Readers in the UAE are more likely to use smartphones in reading eBooks than Tablets, eReader or PC/Mac.
  • Readers in Germany, France, and Spain pay over $13 monthly on eBooks.


  • Digital media consumers in France, the US, Germany, Poland, and UAE are more likely to pay for games than eBooks.
  • Average game spending is at least three times high as eBook spending in most markets due to the high upfront price of the console and PC games.
  • 67% of American gamers play Action Games.
  • Console gamers – in almost all countries surveyed – spend more than mobile and computer players.
  • Americans & Emirates are more likely to play games in the bedroom.
  • 75% of UAE Gaming Video Content viewers are Millennials (18-34).
The Days Between Deciding To Purchase eBooks and Making The Purchase.

A Graph Shows The Days Between Deciding To Purchase eBooks and Making The Purchase.


Data based on an online survey conducted on 10 markets with a sample of 1000 in the US, UK, Russia, Poland, Japan, Germany, UAE, France, Spain, and Italy.


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