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Influencer marketing on social media involves interactions with influential people to drive a brand’s message and products to the world market. Influencer marketing is simply the action of marketing through influencers. This form of marketing goes hand-in-hand with creating messages that are carried by influencers to enhance the extent of brand awareness towards consumer segmentations.

Influencer marketing has evolved from traditional marketing strategies such as print ads, celebrity endorsement, and digital marketing. Influencer marketing is in comparison to the previously used strategies a new phenomenon that had its major increase in the last years. An influencer is regarded as a person who has built up a lot of followers on a social media platform such as Instagram, and companies are today widely using these people as a marketing tool to reach out to their target audience in an effective way.

The Key Findings of “Influencer Marketing, 2019” Report:

  • 48% of surveyed influencers’ followers in the U.S. and the UK reported that they want influencers to be trustworthy.
  • 20% of surveyed internet users mentioned that they are using social media mainly to follow celebrities or celebrity news.
  • Facebook is ranked as the most used platform by surveyed internet users to engage with their family and friends with a rate of 76%.
  • YouTube is ranked as the most used platform by surveyed internet users to find out more information about brands with a rate of 43%.
  • Instagram is ranked as the most used platform by surveyed internet users to engage with influencers with a rate of 41%.
  • Photos/Images are ranked as the most content format that surveyed generation Z internet users reported that they need more of it with a rate of of46% compared to 52% of surveyed millennials who agreed.
  • 16% of surveyed internet users indicated that they find out new brands, products, and services through posts or reviews from expert bloggers.
  • A discount on a product is ranked as the main influence factor that drives US & UK internet users to make purchases with a rate of 48%.
  • 56% of Influencer Followers in the U.S. and UK think influencers with up to 50,000 followers are the most credible.
A Figure That Shows What Kind of Influencer Content Formats That Drives Consumers to Engage The Most, 2019.

A Figure That Shows The Kinds of Influencer Content Formats That Drives Consumers to Engage The Most in 2019.

This survey answers the following questions:

  • What contributed to the rise of influencer marketing?
  • Who is engaging with influencers?
  • Which social media platforms hold the most potential for influencer marketing?
  • What types of content are consumers engaging with the most?
  • What impact do influencers have in the purchase journey?
  • How big of an issue is influencer fraud? And what are brands doing about it?

The Content of “Influencer Marketing, 2019” Report:

  • Key Insights.
  • The Landscape of Influencer Marketing.
  • Content that Resonates.
  • The Commercial Impact of Influencer Marketing.
  • Emphasizing Trust and Authenticity.
  • Notes on Methodology.

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This report draws insights from GlobalWebIndex’s Q2 2019 wave of research across 45 countries, with a global sample of 139,658 respondents. All figures in this report are drawn from GlobalWebIndex’s online research among internet users aged 16-64.

GlobalWebIndex used a mixture of global data from their ongoing quarterly global research, as well as data from a bespoke study conducted only in the U.S. and UK. This bespoke study’s objective was to dig deeper into more specific areas of influencer marketing not covered in their global research. In this study, they interviewed 2,767 respondents in the U.S. and 3,568 respondents in the UK.


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