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The majority of US moms are age 35 and older with a rate of 66% and two-thirds of them are employed. US moms live in the mobile space. They are heavy media consumer and adopt new media or technology.

Figure out the top line findings of how US moms use media and technology in 2017:

Moms’ Use of Mobiles and Online Radio

  • 97% of US moms own a cell phone, with 86% of them own a smartphone, compared to 65% who own a tablet.
  • 80% have listened to online radio. They spend an average of 13 hours & 54 minutes weekly listening to online radio.
  • The smartphone is the main used device for listening to online radio with a rate of 71%.
  • More than half of all moms (53%) use the online audio source “Pandora”.

Using the Internet by US Moms

  • The vast majority of US moms (97%) are online. They spend an average of 3 hours and 31 minutes on the internet.
  • 55% of moms prefer to access the internet using a cell phone.

Using Social Media by US Moms

  • 93% of US Moms use social media.
  • 62% of them use it several times a day compared to 67% of smartphone moms who do so several times a day.
  • Facebook is are the most used social media platforms by US moms with a rate of 84%, compared with only 21% who use Twitter.
  • Using Instagram and Snapchat grabbed the US moms’ attention in 2017, with a significant increase for each platform.
US Moms & Media 2017 | Edison Research | Digital Marketing Community

Graph Shows the Most Social Networking Grabbed the Attention of US Moms Year Over Year


Data were driven from 284 moms in the US. The Survey was conducted during January 2017.

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