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Market Report – The Profile and Activities of Digital Consumers Within USA, 2017 | GlobalWebIndex

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Year over year, more and more Americans become connected to the internet than ever before, although the differences between those with use and those without. Just as with differences in use, variation in the ways that Americans were connecting online and also the frequency of their use remained prevalent as well.

Explore all you need to know about the demographics, interests and attitudes of internet users in the USA:

Profiling Internet Users in the USA

  • 50.6% are males, and 49.4 are females.
  • 39% of them aged 16-34 years, and 41.2% of them aged 35-54 years old.
  • 44.6% of them live in suburban, and 33.2% live in the urban environment.
  • Music (55%), food/restaurants/cooking (53%), and TV (52%) are the top 3 interests for them.

Device Ownership and Usage by Internet Users in the USA

  • 87% own a PC/Laptop, 85% own a smartphone, and 48% own a Tablet.
  • Mobile is their most important device with a rate of 35%, followed by laptops with a rate of 34%.
  • Android is the most used operating system, followed by iOS (50% vs. 37%).

Social Media Consumption by Internet Users in the USA

  • 2 hours & 4 minutes are the average daily time spent on social media.
  • 6.6 are the average number of social media accounts.
  • 35% are following brands on social media.
  • Facebook, YouTube, FB Messenger are the most used social/messaging media by digital consumers in the USA.

Online Shopping and Brand Engagement in the USA

  • 75% have purchased an item online, 61% of them have done so via PC/laptop.
  • 52% have paid for digital content.
  • Free delivery is the top online purchase diver for 69% of online shoppers in the USA.
  • Search engine and consumer reviews are the top online brands/products research channels.
The Profile and Activities of Digital Consumers Within USA, 2017 | GWI

Graphs Show the Profiling of Internet Users in the USA – 2017


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