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Ramadan in MENA: The Digital Opportunity for Brands, 2016 | think with Google

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According to Google internal data, During Ramadan people watches more YouTube, perform more searches and access the internet via mobile devices more frequently than usual, people have significant free time on their hands.

The holy month and presents examples of brands successfully seizing the opportunity before Ramadan, during the holy month and around Eid Al Fitr which represents that:

  • Digital during Ramadan: An unmissable opportunity to reach & connect with consumers efficiently and cost-effectively, so brands must invest heavily in traditional advertising channels during this holy month.
  • User behavior changes during the month of Ramadan examines traditional media’s relatively cluttered advertising landscape in the holy month and around Eid Al Fitr.
  • This combination of free time and a celebratory atmosphere, in turn, means that time spent online and consumer spending is higher during Ramadan than any other period:
  1. Watch more video: Google data shows huge spikes across several content categories on YouTube throughout the holy month including TV & Comedy, Cooking & Recipes, Religion & Spirituality, Gaming, Auto & Vehicles and Internet & Telecom. Between 2013 and 2015, daily video views increased by 200 million in MENA alone.
  2. Perform more searches: search queries in the GCC almost doubled during Ramadan 2015. Online deals and Ramadan promotions, example car & hypermarket deals were among the most popular search topics during the holy month in 2014 and 2015.
  3. Users spend more time on mobile: In the holy month, mobile search is a particularly attractive chance for brands to serve consumer needs. During Ramadan 2015, searches on mobile represented more than 60% of total queries.
Search interest over time: ‘Recipe’ in ramadan

                                                         A Graph Shows The Search Interest Over Time.

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