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What Does Social Media Tell Us About Real Estate in the MENA Region, 2018 | Crowd Analyzer


Social media platforms are growing to become the public sphere everyone goes to in order to search, check products, survey, and even get inspired. Browsing Instagram or Twitter, you can find agents, mortgage companies and real estate firms using such platforms to increase brand awareness, sales, leads and much more. Hence, these social media advertising statistics will inspire you to start your own real estate campaigns, if you haven’t already, in the MENA region and gain the most from your efforts.

An Overview of Using Social Media in Real Estate Industry in the MENA Region (KSA, Kuwait, UAE, Egypt & Bahrain):

  • Online users in the MENA region are more likely to use social media for buying and selling units rather than renting them (67% vs. 33%).
  • Instagram is the most used social media platform for al real estate activities, followed by Twitter.
  • In contrast, Twitter is the most interactive platform in real estate industry, followed far by Instagram (86.7% vs. 13.16%).
  • Villas for sale (38.4%) and apartments for sale (30.5%) are the most categories that online users interact with.
  • 96% of real-estate activities are published in Arabic.
  • KSA is the most active country in real estate buzz in the MENA region (53.9%), while Bahrain is the lowest one (8.9%).
How to use social media for real-estate companies in MENA region in 2018

Map Shows the Top Active Countries in the Real Estate Buzz in the MENA Region – 2018

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