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Branding has a great power that establishes a competitive advantage. Brands cultures are sticky, once they have accepted them as conventional wisdom, people are usually reluctant to abandon the conventions of the brand culture. Unless they have product experiences or encounter brand stories that profoundly contradict conventions, people are usually happy to maintain the taken-for-granted understandings of the brand. The brand identity is the internal desired image that the company wants to deliver to a targeted group.

A strong brand has a clear and specified brand identity, which is a set of associations that the company tries to create. It describes what a brand stands for. By generating a value position, brand identity establishes the relationship between the customer and the company. The benefits can be functional, emotional or self-expressive. It involves all the basic characteristics of a company that will persist over time and provides a framework for the overall brand coherence.

The Key Findings of “State of Branding, 2019” Report:

  • Mobile applications are ranked as the most planned technology investments for branding and marketing purposes by surveyed marketing decision-makers with a rate of 65.7%.
  • The changes of the social media algorithms are ranked as the biggest threat of digital branding engagement with a rate of 65.7%.
  • Excellent customer service is considered as the most effective tactic for reaching consumers in a crowded digital landscape by surveyed marketers with a rate of 29.9%.
  • Ensuring that the right personalized message reaches the right audience is the main challenge of personalization by surveyed marketers at a rate of 25.7%.
  • Customer engagement/experience is the main motivating factor for companies to invest in emerging technologies by surveyed marketers at a rate of 40.5%.
  • Social media platforms are ranked as the most effective channel for reaching the targeted audience by surveyed marketers at a rate of 21.2%.
  • Increasing the visibility and engagement with the audience is the top reason for investing in branded visual content by surveyed marketers at a rate of 41.6%.
  • Finding the most relevant and targeted channels is ranked as the most frequently reported challenge when it comes to reaching the current and prospective customers by surveyed marketers at a rate of 28.3%.
  • Targeted marketing and advertising campaigns is the most effective form of branding personalization that influences consumers’ behavior at a rate of 30.3%.
biggest threats to digital brand engagement 2019

Figure Shows The Biggest Threats to Digital Brand Engagement, 2019.

The Content of “State of Branding, 2019” Report:

  • Introduction.
  • A Snapshot Summary and Methodology.
  • Demographics.
  • Key Findings.
  • Emerging Tech Investments.
  • Getting Your Brand Voice Heard.
  • Connecting With Demanding and Distracted Consumers.
  • About Bynder.

Number of Pages:

  • 32 Pages.


  • Free.


This survey was conducted with Survata, an independent research firm based in San Francisco. Survata anonymously surveyed 501 marketing decision-makers at organizations across the United States and the United Kingdom between November 28, 2018, and December 11, 2018.


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