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Four Areas of Your Business to Invest in

Growth Hacking | Dec 08, 2019

Investment is one of the key hallmarks of the business. Most businesses require that injection of capital to really get their plans off the ground – and without that initial investment, whether from a loan or from a body of investors and funders, you won’t be able to enact your ambitious plans.

But where should you use your business investment to make your company grow most effectively?

That’s the question that this article aims to answer by offering four options around which you should consider investing your resources in building a brighter future for your company.

Investment Areas: Four Areas of Your Business to Invest in (Digital Sphere, Infrastructure and Functions, Staff and Training, Marketing and Sales)

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Digital Sphere

There is no doubt that a business can make it or break it simply due to the quality of their web provisions and the way they navigate the online space. You see, it’s online where most consumers are now discovering products and services, and it’s in the online world that you can sell and communicate across borders and to distinct demographics that you simply couldn’t do otherwise.

Use your resources to build a wonderful website, an app, or a strong social media presence, and use these digital resources to drive trade and profits in the future.

Staff and Training

Meanwhile, on the human side, you can never make a bad investment in human resources. In fact, it’s here where you may experience the addition of the most value to your company if you invest in wages, training, and specialization within your team.

With better-trained and better-motivated staff, your productivity can skyrocket, helping your company soar to new levels of success, and establishing a wonderful base from which your whole future business realities can grow.

Infrastructure and Functions

This tip is a little less glamorous, but it’s no less important than the two that came before it. If you secure a loan from, it may be worth using that cash to invest in your business infrastructure, which means computer terminals, other hardware, and the software and programs that you run on this hardware.

Without the investment in these functions, your business can operate without a high degree of efficiency, and you’ll suffer from log-jams in your systems. By modernizing and investing in the digital technology that you believe can help you operate better, you’ll be making another long-term investment in stability and longevity, which is exactly what smaller businesses need.

Marketing and Sales

In essence, your attempt to grow in order to generate the profits to pay back your loans requires you to drum up business, and for that, you’re going to need to grow two distinct teams: your marketing team and your sales team.

These individuals do two very different jobs: salespeople will be hitting the phones and the road in search of deals with clients and customers, while marketers will use the digital realm to show off your wares and draw interest to your business. Combined together, they represent your chance to use the investment to boost your business’ fortunes for the future.


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