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Social media is a far more complex field than it first seems and building a network that provides real value takes both savvy and hard work. So, even what your skill level is, there’s plenty information in this guide to help you improve your social presence, and there are also some strategies and tactics for success on social platforms some of them are in the following points:


  • Consider every piece of content you post an opportunity for increased and specific engagement and don’t be afraid to have a little fun. Images also are incredibly effective on Facebook (posts with photos get, on average 39% more engagement).
  • Pay attention to things like sentence structure, phrasing, and types of posts that are particularly engaging to your audience.
  • Pay attention also for the time of posting on Facebook: Many Facebook users check the site on their lunch breaks and after dinner, and while the latter is outside of normal business hours.
  • Use fact-check sources and news before sharing them on your networks and ensure the safety of your users by not sharing links to malicious sites.


  • You only have 140 characters to communicate your thoughts, so every word matters.
  • It’s critical to ensure your account name and profile are filled out according to your brand guidelines.
  • Respond to your community as swiftly as possible cuz if you ignore a critical tweet for too long, you may find that one person’s voice is soon amplified by their followers.

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  • Make sure you moderate comments and stay engaged.
  • Don’t yell at people, check your spelling and grammar, use your brand voice, and definitely don’t leave spammy comments yourself.
  • Make sure that your description is SEO & people-optimized, that your title and keywords are on target, that your videos are properly categorized, and (if possible) that you provide a transcript of each video.
The Beginner's Guide to Social Media: A Focus on Twitter

The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media: A Focus on Twitter

What’s in “The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media”:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: The Value of Social Media
  • Chapter 3: Social Media Best Practices
  • Chapter 4: Social Media Metrics and ROI
  • Chapter 5: Finding the Right Social Network for Chapter 6: Facebook
  • Chapter 7: Twitter
  • Chapter 8: Google+
  • Chapter 9: LinkedIn
  • Chapter 10: YouTube and Pinterest
  • Chapter 11: Blogging
  • Chapter 12: Social Media Doesn’t Stop There

Number of Pages:

  • 71 Pages


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