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Top B2B Organizations Goals of Producing Content, 2019

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Content plays an important role in post-purchase/current customer nurturing, a pillar of savvy brands’ marketing programs and a catalyst for improving the customer’s lifetime value to the business. Additionally, B2B marketers believe that content quality and content relevancy are the characteristics that drive audience engagement and differentiate their brands in crowded marketplaces. As a result, B2B marketers view quality and relevancy as the factors most important to the success of their organizations’ content programs. B2B content marketing requires a different approach, one closely aligned with the longer cycle of relationship-based sales. In addition, a company’s unique insights and expertise are the fuel for successful campaigns. By developing a comprehensive content development strategy, understanding how to harness the digital ecosystem, and diligently tracking results, B2B companies can ensure that content marketing investments directly support their business goals.

Take a glance at the top b2b organization goals of creating content, 2019:

  • Boosting sales and converting customers are ranked as the top B2B organizations’ goal of producing content with a rate of 29%.
  • Building relationships with new customers is ranked as the second goal of producing content by surveyed B2B marketers with a rate of 19%.
  • Increasing brand awareness comes next as a goal of producing content by surveyed B2B organizations with a rate of 18%.
  • Maintaining relationships with existing customers also listed as a B2B organization goal of creating content with a rate of 16%.
B2B organizations’ top goal when producing content 2019

A Chart Shows The B2B Organizations Goals of Producing Content, 2019.

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