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88% of the USA B2B Marketers Are Buying Online Display Ads Programmatically, 2018 | Dun & Bradstreet

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The B2B customer journey is often much more complicated than the B2C path to purchase. Technology companies and data providers have needed to upgrade their platforms to deliver the kinds of lead-generation and content-focused campaigns that are necessary for B2B campaign success.
Programmatic marketing is an automated bidding on advertising inventory in real time, for the opportunity to show an ad to a specific customer, in a specific context. ‘Programmatic Marketing’ or advertising is a general term, so it’s best to divide it based on whether it involves real-time bidding (RTB) or not. During this process, software is used to automate the buying, placement, and optimization of media inventory via a bidding system.

Take a glance at the most type of advertising that B2B marketers are currently buying it programmatically:

  • Online display is ranked as the first kind of advertising that B2B marketers buy it programmatically with a rate of 88%.
  • 62% of surveyed B2B marketers indicated that they buy mobile advertisement programmatically.
  • Digital videos advertisement comes at next as a kind of advertisement that B2B marketers but it programmatically with a rate of 59%.
Top Kind of Advertising That B2B Marketers Buy It Programmatically, 2018

A Graph Shows The Kinds of Ads That B2B Marketers Buy it Programmatically.

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