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Top Social Media Channels Used for Content Distribution in The UK, 2019

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Social media users are spending more and more time on social media platforms and more and more people join social media every day. Therefore, these platforms are becoming essential communication methods that businesses should be taking advantage of it.
Therefore, the importance of content is increasingly acknowledged, this is because of its benefits which are starting to be recognized. This has led to content marketing to become a topic of high interest for the business industry.
The objectives of content marketing should be based on detailed content strategies explains the processes of planning the content itself and the distribution of it to the audience.

The content creation process and the content distribution channels are interconnected as the content that is being created, needs to be specifically adapted to the distribution channel that it will be used on and vice versa, the content creation process can influence the decision regarding the content distribution channels as some channels are better suited for different types of content.

Take a glance at the most used social media channels for content distribution by organization in the UK, 2019:

  • Twitter is ranked as the most used social media channel for content distribution by surveyed UK marketers with a rate of 79%.
  • Facebook is ranked as the second most used content distribution social media channel by organizations in the UK with a rate of 75%.
  • LinkedIn comes at next as a used social media channel for distributing content by surveyed UK marketers with a rate of 72%.
  • Instagram also listed as a content distribution social media channel used by surveyed marketers in the UK with a rate of 57%.
Most Used Social Media Channels For Distributing Content 2019

A Figure Shows Social Media Channels Used For Content Distribution in The UK, 2019.

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