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2018 Holiday Shopping Consumer Survey Results | Worldpay

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Conducted in partnership with Socratic Technologies, Worldpay has conducted a survey on over 1000 consumers to understand their shopping behavior and preference during their holiday shopping season 2018. The respondents varied from males, females, Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Baby Boomers, and also Retirees.

Snapshot of the Holiday Shopping Insights in 2018:

  • 76% of consumers plan to do at least some of their holiday shopping online.
  • 43% claimed that they’ll shop online or through a mobile app more than they did last year.
  • Convenience and Free Delivery are the top reasons for shopping online or through a mobile app.
Reasons for Shopping More Online During Holiday Season, 2018

A Graph Shows the Reasons for Shopping More Online During the Holiday Season, 2018

Content of the 2018 Holiday Shopping Consumer Survey:

  • Methodology.
  • Key Takeaways.
  • How Will People Shop Online?

Number of Pages:

  • 16 Pages.


  • Free.


Data is based on a sample of 1,018 consumers. The survey was conducted in September 2018.


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