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How do I stack up against my competitors on social media?

Most marketers always ask experts this question. The data-driven marketers don’t just want to know how their social media post is doing; they want to know how they’re doing against similar posts by their competitors.

Needless to say that with great data comes great social strategy. The “2019 Social Media Industry Benchmark Report” provides you the data you need to truly benchmark your social media performance against your industry.

Rival IQ has analyzed the engagement rates, posting frequency, post types, and hashtags for the top three social channels for brands: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to dig into what’s behind their social media success.

The Engagement Rate of 12 Industries on Social Media – 2019:

  • There is a dramatic decline in Facebook engagement rate this year for all analyzed industries. The median last year was 0.16%, and just 0.09% this year.
  • On Instagram, the median engagement rate also declined from 1.73% in 2018 to 1.60% in 2019. Higher Education outperformed other industries on Instagram.
  • Twitter engagement remained consistent this year, with Higher Education and Alcohol leading the pack and Media industry lagging far behind.
The Average Engagement Rate per Post on Instagram - 2019 - 2019 Social Media Industry Benchmark Report - Rival IQ

The Average Engagement Rate per Post on Instagram by Industry – 2019

The Average Posts per Day on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter – 2019:

  • Facebook changed its algorithm and this affected the organic activity of brands so they reduced their output accordingly.
  • Brands across Instagram maintained their Instagram frequency in place this year.
  • On Twitter, brands posted an average of 25% less than the previous year. Companies in Media and Sports Teams continue their relentless pace again this year.
Average Posts per Day on Facebook by Industry - 2019 - 2019 Social Media Industry Benchmark Report - Rival IQ

Average Posts per Day on Facebook by Industry – 2019

Content of the “2019 Social Media Industry Benchmark Report” :

  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • The Benchmarks
    • Industry Snapshot: Alcohol
    • Industry Snapshot: Fashion
    • Industry Snapshot: Food & Beverage
    • Industry Snapshot: Health & Beauty
    • Industry Snapshot: Higher Education
    • Industry Snapshot: Home Decor
    • Industry Snapshot: Hotels & Resorts
    • Industry Snapshot: Influencers
    • Industry Snapshot: Media
    • Industry Snapshot: Nonprofits
    • Industry Snapshot: Retail
    • Industry Snapshot: Sports Teams
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Data is based on a survey of more than 1,800 of the most engaging brands and companies. Companies selected had active presences on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as of January 2018, and had Facebook fan counts between 25,000 and 1 million as of the same date.

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