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Using Emojis has become a cultural phenomenon. It has become an essential part of life as we use it to express how we feel whether it is a negative or positive emotion. As we look to the future, emojis will play the main role in advancing communication to create a more connected world.

Let’s take a glance at the findings of Adobe’s 10-minute online survey to better understand the emoji preferences and usage, especially when it comes to the development of emojis that internet users in the US would like to see.

Adobe Emojis Trend Report 2020: Emoji Effects Stats

Adobe Emoji Trend Report

How Does the Use of Emojis Improve Communicating With Each Other?

  • 62% of emoji users in the USA use emojis to make conversations more fun, while 42% said emojis better communicate their thoughts and feelings than words alone do.
  • 93% of emoji users agreed that they use emojis to lighten the mood of a conversation.
  • 91% agreed that they use emojis to show their support to the people/person they are talking to.
  • According to the Adobe online survey, females use emojis in their text messaging 55% of the time.
  • Compared to males who include emojis in their text messaging 4% of the time. This means that 49% of the time emojis are included in the text or online messaging.
Reasons for Using Emojis 2020

A Figure Shows Reasons for Using Emojis — 2019 Data

Using emojis help users to emphasize and not to repeat words, makes them look approachable and friendly. With just a few emojis, you will not face any difficulty communicating with others who do not speak the same language, as it breaks the language barrier easily. As well as sharing your thoughts and ideas instantly.

The Most Used Emoji in 2019:

  • Emojis of Joy, love, and kisses are users’ favorite emojis.
  • The crying emoji ranked among the top three for the Northeast and male emoji users.
  • Love, happiness, and sadness are the top emotions users express through emojis.
The Most Used Emoji in the USA By Gender & Region — 2019 Data

The Most Used Emoji in the USA By Gender & Region — 2019 Data

Who Are the Most Frequent Recipients of Emojis?

  • This survey has shown that the most frequent recipients of emojis are friends followed by significant others and partners.
  • 57% of males say they most often use emojis with their significant others/partners. Compared to 52% of females.
  • When it comes to using emojis with coworkers, males have a higher percentage of 24% compared to females 14%.
  • On the other hand, females tend to use emojis more than males with their children. 43% of females use emojis during texting their children compared to 28% of males.
The Most Frequent Recipients of Emojis, 2019 Data

A Figure Shows the Most Frequent Recipients of Emojis — 2019 Data

What’s in “The Emoji Report 2019“:

  • The Emoji Effect
  • Survey Methodology
  • Reasons for Using Emojis
  • Favorite Emojis and Pairings
  • Favorite Emojis by Gender and Region
  • Emojis Associated With Emotion
  • Statement Agreement
  • Likelihood of Using Emojis
  • Emojis Are Most Often Used
  • Emojis Included in Text Messaging
  • Emojis Used Exclusively in Text Messaging
  • Use of Emojis in a Work Setting
  • Likelihood of Customization
  • Emoji Customization
  • Effectiveness of Emoji in the Subject Line
  • Effectiveness of Favorite Emoji in the Subject Line
  • Products Most Likely to Be Purchased via Emoji
  • Emoji Progression

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Adobe fielded a 10-minute online survey to a representative sample of 1,000 frequent emoji users (men- women and non-binary) aged 16-73 years old across the United States.

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