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Surveying the Digital Future, 2018 | Center for the Digital Future

Consumer Behavior | USA

The Center for the Digital Future at USC Annenberg has launched the 16th annual study to explore actions and opinions related to the use – or non-use – of online technology in the United States, as well as to chronicle the emergence of changes as they occur. The new “Surveying the Digital Future” study includes details about over 100 issues that explore the impact of digital technology on American users and non-users.

This year, the study also includes new subjects about using body-implanted chips for increased security, fake news, mainstream media, as well as regulation of social media.

A Snapshot of the Key Findings of Online Behavior in the US:

  • Americans spend an average of 22.5 hours per week online. Most of this time is spent online at home.
  • 92% of American internet users go online using a mobile phone.
  • 39% of internet non-users have no computer/device to access the internet, while 22% don’t know how to use it/confused.
  • 47% of American internet users are very/extremely concerned about the privacy of personal info when or if buying online.
  • 79% would not consider buying groceries online because it is difficult to judge the quality.
Surveying the Digital Future, 2018 | Center for the Digital Future 1 | Digital Marketing Community

A Figure Shows the Effect of Buying Online on Purchasing in Traditional Retail Stores – 2018 Data

The Content of “16th Digital Future Report, 2018”:

  • Surveying the Digital Future – Year Sixteen
  • America on the internet
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Patterns of internet use
  • The internet and work
  • Communication technology: impact on the world
  • Internet non-users
    • Internet non-users: views about not going online
  • Media use and trust
    • Information on the internet: reliability and accuracy
    • Media consumption patterns
  • Consumer behavior
    • Buying online: privacy concerns and credit card security
    • Buying: online vs. traditional retail stores
  • Communication patterns
    • Time with family and friends
    • Views about privacy while online
    • Online bullying and harassment
    • Unwanted sexual attention online
    • Social networking and video sharing sites
    • Online dating
    • Online connection to companies: Twitter, Facebook, and group coupons
    • Children and the internet
    • Children, parents, and social networking
  • Political power and influence
    • The internet and the political process
    • The internet and free speech about politics & government
  • Supplement 1: Center for the Digital Future at USC Annenberg 142
  • Supplement 2: The World Internet Project – International Contacts 143
  • Supplement 3: Research methods and demographic data

Number of Pages:

  • 156 Pages


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