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How to Promote Your Mobile App Using Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing | May 15, 2020

We live in a world where app stores are flaunting with mobile apps that are more competitive than ever. As a result, many mobile app development companies are adopting digital marketing strategies to enhance their mobile apps.

The question is how to promote your app in 2020?

SEO marketing is counted among the top digital marketing strategies that can uniquely enhance mobile apps to promote their business.

Social media also is an important tool to promote your app. Today, 2.96 billion people use social media in some capacity or the other. Digital marketing works as a game-changer in this whole scenario.

How to Promote Your App Using Digital Marketing

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What Is Mobile App Marketing?

Mobile App marketing is a glittering world for every industry. It encompasses a world of opportunities for professionals and organizations.

App marketing is all about making an app usable by getting it into the hands of the customers and interacting with users through their entire lifecycle. Right from the moment they first hear about the app until they become a regular user of the app.

However, digital marketing proves time and again to be the most efficient way of getting an app into a user’s mobile device.

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Now it’s time to learn how to promote your app in 2020;

6 Tips on How to Promote Your App using Digital Marketing in 2020

1. Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality in Marketing:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the mobile app marketing world. The world has already tested its experience in customer analysis, personalization, etc. Amazingly, 80% of people are ready to give up information for an increasingly customized advertisement experience. This is why experts say AI is a connecting link between the client and the app.

Augmented reality has become necessary in mobile app marketing as it helps brands boost their selling point. Different industries have tested augmented reality and so have the customers. It’s seen that AR improves customer experience, boosts brand awareness, acts like a new way to reach audiences, and creates engagement.

2. Video Marketing:

Videos give a better impact on the user’s mind than other media. As social media channels are increasing more and more resources are put in videos. Marketers are investing in video marketing to better connect with target customers. Making a promotional video helps a customer to know more about the app.

Video advertising can help the customers know the crucial information about the app and enhance the brand too.

So, there is no wonder that social media today prefers to use short videos. For example, one of the most important platforms like Instagram invests more resources on IGTV. It is simply because IGTV is being used more and more by users to promote their ideas and views. So there is no surprise there if IGTV becomes popular in the coming years.

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3. App Store Optimization:How to Promote Your App: App Store Optimization

App store optimization is the core, used to rank the apps on the search bases. A huge number of people find apps through their search bases, So google app indexing plays an important role in viewing user’s results. The business will lose its targeted users when the app is not there in google index. App store optimization increases the rank of your app.

4. Data-Driven Marketing:

Data-driven digital marketing assists you in getting more information about customers. Using these data you can then develop strategies to pitch your campaigns in the future. It is well known that personalization increases engagement.

A mobile application that personalizes your experience impresses you more. Data-driven marketing hence improves customer experience through personalization of the mobile experience. Using a data-driven strategy, you can reach your target audience. We can call it the two in one approach, the app markets itself in the process.

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5. Create a Website With Unique Landing Page:

The website is the best tool for generating and collecting information at the same time informing the public about your app. It provides a huge advantage for marketing the app. A unique landing page increases the probability of users entering your app. It should always be user-friendly for users to get engaged in the app.

If your app name is catchy enough then people will search for it and with better SEO in place, they will find you. Using your history of creation and development can add to user engagement and followers.

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6. Social Media to Promote your App:

Start by creating a social media page for your app and start following them with your target audience and industry. Social media will have an enormous effect on Mobile app development marketing. Marketers highly target advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, such as promoting and reposting people who use the app. So, if you are focusing on how to promote your app, you can go for both paid and unpaid social media promotions.

While promoting using social media use 80/20 rules for your promotion. This means use 20% of content to promote your app and 80% content that really engages your audience in your conversation.

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Final Words

Digital Marketing is an efficient way to promote your mobile app. On the one hand, a mobile app itself is a digital tool of marketing, it needs support in the form of basic marketing strategies to spread its wings. Once on the path, it will fly off on its own capability. Mobile apps and digital marketing are all set to grow in the upcoming years.


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