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35 Tips for Holiday Marketing Campaigns | GetResponse

Marketing Seasons Strategy

November & December are filled with special marketing seasons. After the back-to-school (B2S/BTS) season, marketers should be ready for the Halloween, Movember, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Free Shipping Day, Super Saturday and the Christmas Eve.

Certainly, during all these events, ads and greetings dominate the internet. But to be highly reflected in your online sales and break through the market, marketers need successful tactics:

Email and Marketing Automation:

  1. Keep your lists engaged and clean!
  2. Know who’s been naughty and who’s been nice – automatically.
  3. Create customer referral programs (holidays are about sharing!).
  4. Say thanks with an end-of-year personal email.
  5. Personalize your messages using dynamic content to increase impact.
  6. Strike a balance between sales and marketing content.
  7. Nurture and qualify.
  8. Sync online and offline.
  9. Evaluate and collect the right data.

Social Media:

  1. Use social media scheduling and monitoring tools to stay on top of everything.
  2. Try the newest technologies.
  3. Don’t forget about Pinterest!
  4. Use geo-social and push notifications.
  5. Get your team involved.

Paid Advertising:

  1. Use landing pages with your paid campaigns.
  2. Use Urchin Tracking Modules (UTMs).
  3. Don’t forget about remarketing campaigns.
  4. Target similar!
  5. Test, measure and repeat!
  6. Don’t waste your time!

Content Marketing:

  1. Help solve common holiday problems.
  2. Send the right content at every stage of the funnel.
  3. Follow up post-purchase.
  4. Set goals for every point in your sales funnel.
  5. Use content as a holiday gift.
  6. Have a repurposing plan ready.


  1. Stay consistent!
  2. Discover your target audience information needs.
  3. Get your online marketing assets ready.
  4. Set goals and measure your campaign ROI.
  5. Get your online marketing assets ready.

Communication and Design:

  1. Use psychological triggers to make your communication more impactful.
  2. Keep the scent across all channels.
  3. Keep the visual hierarchy and UX in mind.
  4. Avoid confusion and don’t make your customers’ life harder.
A Calendar for December & November, Shows the Marketing Seasons Date

A Calendar for December & November Shows the Marketing Seasons Date.


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