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Marketing Automation

Needless to say that Marketing automation plays a vital role in how well your email campaigns perform. As shown in the latest benchmarks study conducted by GetResponse to compare traditional newsletters and automated emails, results showed that automated emails have doubled the average open rate (45.7% compared to 22.83%) and tripled the average click-through rate (10.75% compared to 3.48%).

But how to use automation tools to build and segment a powerful e-commerce contact list? That’s why GetResponse provides this eye-tracking guide help you make the most of marketing automation, and get better results for your e-commerce business and your marketing automation strategy. The guide also provides examples of essential campaigns, including onboarding, post-purchase, win-back, re-engagement, and customer success.

Examples for How to Collect Demographic Data for Email Marketing Automation for E-commerce

A signup popup on, asking for an email address and some of Demographic Data (e.g. date of birth & gender)

Content of the “Complete Guide to Marketing Automation for E-Commerce”:

  • Introduction
  • Email list building
    • Step 1. Focus on quality traffic – define your target audience
    • Step 2. Improve your SEO
    • Step 3. Create high converting web forms and landing pages
    • Step 4. Drive traffic to your landing pages using paid ads
  • Email list segmentation
    • Demographics
    • Behavioral data
    • Experiment with segments
  • 5 must-have campaigns
    • Onboarding
    • Post-purchase
    • Win-back campaigns
    • Short-term win-back campaigns
    • Long-term win-back campaigns
  • Summary

Number of Pages:

  • 60 Pages


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