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What Drives UK Consumers to Open a Received Mail From Brands, 2019

Consumer Behavior | UK

Consumers are comfortable sharing their email addresses with companies via a variety of online channels. Marketers often obsess over every aspect of every e-mail sent, from the subject line to visuals to copy. An email is a common form of communication used for both personal and professional purposes. With brands coming to understand how effective email marketing can be, email marketing is gaining in popularity. Email marketing tests and studies reveal that email marketing can affect consumer behavior, even convincing consumers to go to websites for more information or to make a purchase.

Take a glance at what drives UK consumers to open a received mail from brands, 2019:

  • Recognizing brands is ranked as the top important factor that drives UK consumer to open a received mail in their personal inbox with a rate of 72%.
  • The subject line is ranked as the second most important factor persuade UK consumers to open a received mail from brands in their inboxes with a rate of 64%.
  • Having the time to read come next as a motivation factor to open a received mail from brands with a rate of 35%.
  • The email preview also listed as a factor that drives UK consumers to open a received mail from brands at a rate of 29%.
When you receive an email in your personal inbox(es), how important are the following factors in persuading you to open it 2019

A Graph Shows The Factors That Drives UK Consumer to Open a Received Mail From Brands, 2019.

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