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Deployed Marketing Technologies By Australian B2B Marketers, 2019

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Marketing technologies are technologies that marketers leverage to conduct and improve their marketing activities, marketing technologies are to make difficult processes easier and to measure the impact of marketing activities and drive more efficient spending. Digital marketing technologies are available in its many forms to support marketers to work faster & easier with more accuracy.

Take a glance at the most deployed marketing technologies used by Australian B2B marketers in 2019:

  • Email Personalization is ranked as the most used marketing technology by B2B marketers with a rate of 64%.
  • Retargeting is ranked as the second most used marketing technology by surveyed B2B marketers with a rate of 44%.
  • A\B testing comes at next as a deployed marketing technology used by Australian b2b marketers at a rate of 35%.
  • Programmatic media advertising also listed as used marketing technology at a rate of 17%.
Top Marketing Technologies That B2B Marketers Are Deploying in 2019

A Graph Shows The Marketing Technologies That Australian B2B Marketers Are Deploying in 2019.

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