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Since 2010, the launch of one of the photos and videos sharing app knows as Instagram, it became an irreplaceable social media platform for individuals or marketers. Instagram considered being a major threat to Snapchat, Facebook, and many social media platforms.

Marketers are keenly collaborating with influencers, testing ads, and trying the new features Instagram is unrolling – and yet, the majority still struggles to see high-enough ROI.

4,313 small businesses and social media managers were asked to share their thoughts on a variety of topics starting from how they use hashtags, to how often they post, to how big their Instagram budget is.

Let’s take a quick look at the key results…

Instagram Marketing 2019

Instagram Business Stats—Overview:

  • As announced, Instagram reached 1 billion monthly active users, passed the 800 million mark in September 2017.
  • On the other hand, other social media platforms such as Facebook saw a growth rate in terms of their monthly count, and Snapchat grew just 2.1%, from 187 to 191 million daily users.
  • There are 25+ million business profiles worldwide, 2+ million advertisers worldwide.
  • 1/3 of the most viewed stories are from businesses. 200 Million+ Instagrammers visit at least one business profile daily.
  • 80% of users follow a business on Instagram. 60% of users discover new products on Instagram.

Instagram Management and Team Responsibility

  • 57.50% of social media managers said they spend most of their time in finding and producing content, while 13.67% said that it is writing captions and 4.83% search for hashtags.
The Daily Activities of Social Media Manager on Instagram

A Figure shows the Daily Activities of Social Media Manager on Instagram

  • Anyhow, 54% report that they manage social media accounts by themselves and 31% say that thy share this managing responsibility with 1-2 people. 11% report that they have a social media team of 3-10.
  • As for the number of accounts they manage, the majority which is 52% say that they manage from 2 to 5 accounts on a daily basis, while the other 37% manage one account only.
  • Talking about the Instagram budget 38% of marketers operate with a budget of $0, and 28% said that they work with a small $100 monthly budget. The other 66% they spend anywhere from $100 to $1,000+ per month on ads, boosted posts, and influencer collabs.

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Instagram Marketing Strategy

  • Only a minority of Instagram marketers and they represent 40% reported having a documented strategy.
  • And only 43% reported that they have a 2-week content plan with pre-written captions, ready-to post images, and researched hashtags.

Instagram Marketing Strategy

Here are some Instagram caption tips to help you with your content: 

  1. Tag other users as it makes your content exposed to as many people as possible in order to reach high engagement.
  2. Be personable and humanize a character for your business, spice things up by adding emojis and have a sense of humor to connect with your target audience.
  3. Questions are the key, do you want your audience to comment? Simply, end your caption with a  question!

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