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The Most Used Metrics by B2B Digital Marketers for Measuring Digital Marketing Performance, 2019

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While B2B digital marketers are increasingly acknowledging the importance of brand awareness as a goal for digital campaigns, conversions remain the most used metric by marketers to judge the performance of their efforts. Traffic, ROI, and lead volume (both marketing-qualified leads and sales-qualified leads) each constitute an important KPI. Falling costs associated with more efficient strategies and technological innovations mean that cost-per-lead is no longer a factor in as an important metric. Marketing metrics are measurable values used by marketing teams to demonstrate the effectiveness of campaigns across all marketing channels.

Take a glance at the most used metrics by B2B digital marketers for measuring their digital marketing performance, 2019:

  • Conversion Rate (Lead to Customer) is ranked as the most used metric by surveyed digital marketers to measure their digital marketing performance with a rate of 35.43%.
  • Website traffic is ranked as the second most used metric of measuring digital marketing performance by surveyed digital marketers with a rate of 20.86%.
  • ROI comes at next as a metric used by surveyed digital marketers for measuring their digital marketing performance with a rate of 18.21%.
  • Lead Volume (MQLs & SQLs) also listed by surveyed digital marketers as a used metric for measuring digital marketing performance with a rate of 16.23%.
Metrics used for measuring B2B digital marketing performance 2019

A Graph Shows The Most Used Metrics In Measuring The Digital Marketing Performance, 2019.


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