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Agencies Primary Objectives of Online Advertising, 2018

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Online advertising is supporting companies and brands to inform, persuade, remind, and educate target customers about new products or brands. There are many advertising objectives agencies or advertisers can create before launching their campaigns and it’s important to understand who is your customers are and what is the objectives are and which channels will be used to achieve these goals. One of the major objectives of advertising acquiring more customers. This is also known as making the customers switch brands. This can happen by passing on a strong message so that the potential customer change the brand which he is tied up with and comes to another.

Take a glance at the primary objectives of online advertising from agencies and advertisers point of view:

  • Increasing revenue is ranked as the main objective of online advertising for agencies and tech vendors with a rate of 79%, compared to only 54% of advertisers who agreed.
  • Acquiring new customers is ranked as the most primary objective of online advertising for tech vendors and agencies with a rate of 73%, compared to 56% of advertisers who agree.
  • Increasing brand awareness comes at next as a primary objective of digital advertising for agencies with a rate of 58%, compared to 54% of surveyed advertisers who agree.
  • Increasing customer lifetime value also listed as a primary objective of digital advertising for agencies with a rate of 21%, compared to 27% of surveyed advertisers who mentioned that this objective is primary from digital advertising.
Primary Objectives of online advertising 2018

A Graph Shows The Primary Objectives Of Online Advertising for Advertisers, Agencies and Tech Vendors, 2018.


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