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The Most Followed Types of Social Media Accounts in 2019

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The Internet has become a great leveler of playing fields by bringing down the costs of connecting people to near zero. One of the most popular topics in social media marketing is how to get more followers, and not just any followers just real followers with no bots. Brands want to grow their followers authentically by adding real people who love the brand and are looking to engage with it.

More than a third of internet users reported that they follow their favorite brands on social media, while 27% follow brands which they are thinking of making a purchase from.

Take a glance at the most followed types of social media accounts in 2019:

  • People that internet users know in real life is the most followed accounts by surveyed social media users with a rate of 51%.
  • Brands that social media users like is ranked as the second most followed type of accounts on social media surveyed internet users with a rate of 38%.
  • Singers, musicians or brands are ranked also listed as a type of social media accounts that surveyed internet users follow the most with a rate of 34%.
  • Actors accounts come at next as a type of social media accounts that surveyed internet users follow the most with a rate of 33%.
Types of People Followed on Social media 2019.

A Graph Shows The Most Followed Types of Social Media Accounts, 2019.


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