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Social Media Report 2018: Part One – Australian Consumers | Yellow Pages

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Social media use is booming and has risen steadily in recent decades and has been largely a ‘south to north’ phenomenon. In Australia, 88% of Australian intern users have a social media profile. 62% of them use social media sites daily with 34% checking in more than five times a day.

Be in the know of the crucial insights illustrate the social media behavior of Australian consumer, the technology and platforms people are using, and when and why they’re connecting to make more informed decisions about how to use these channels to engage with consumers.

Device Ownership and Internet Access in Australia

  • Online consumers in Australia own an average of 3.5 internet enabled devices.
  • Smartphones are the most used devices in Australia with a rate of 87%, followed by laptops (76%), tablets (59%) and desktops (52%).
  • Smartphone penetration is 87%, compared with 76% for laptops, 59% for tablets and 52% for desktop computers.
  • Female are more likely than males to use smartphones, laptops and iPad/tablet, while males are more likely than females to use desktop and internet-enabled TV.
  • In Australia, only 21% of consumers own a wearable device like an Apple Watch or Fit-Bit.
  • 6 out of 10 of Australian people access the internet 5+ times a day. Females and users aged 18-29 years are more likely than males and older generations to do so.
Social Media Report 2018: Part One – Australian Consumers | Yellow Pages 1 | Digital Marketing Community

A Table Shows the Frequency of Using the Internet in Australia in 2018

Social Media Usage in Australia

  • Among the 88% of Australian online consumers who use social media sites, 34% access social media sites over five times a day and 62% doing so daily.
  • 61% of Australian social media users use it in the evening and 59% use it first thing in the morning.
  • Males are more likely to use social media in the evening, while females are much more likely to use it in the morning.
  • Evening use also is the most favored time in most locations of Australia among most generations, followed by first thing in the morning.

Social Networking Sites Used in Australia

Social Media Report 2018: Part One – Australian Consumers | Yellow Pages 2 | Digital Marketing Community

A Table Shows the Use of Messaging Services in Australia in 2018


Data were driven from 1,516 Australian consumers. 800 of respondents were surveyed via a telephone, while the rest of them were surveyed online. The study was conducted from March 1 to April 5, 2018.

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