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Top Brands’ Objectives of Implementing Influencer Marketing Programs, 2019

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Brand influencers are storytellers for the digital age. They have the ability to tell stories that resonate with their audiences. By partnering with brand influencers, brands can leverage influencers’ storytelling expertise to achieve business goals. A successful social influencer has the potential to shape an audience’s awareness, actions and purchase decisions in ways brands cannot. Their fans and followers view them as an objective source of information and advice. In fact, one could argue that connections with these individuals are some of a brand’s most profitable relationships because they enable brands to tap into a network of trust, create advocacy and generate actionable insights. Today, influencers with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts, a YouTube channel or a blog has a voice. And it’s an important voice; oftentimes, your brand isn’t what you say it is, rather, it’s what they say it is. They are the social influencers and they are playing an ever-increasing role in determining and driving consumer behavior.

Take a look at the top objectives of implementing influencer marketing programs, 2019:

  • More brand visibility is ranked as the main objective of implementing influencer marketing programs by surveyed brands at a rate of 65.8%.
  • More direct leads/product purchase is ranked as the second objective of influencer marketing programs by surveyed brands globally at a rate of 16.9%.
  • More creative campaigns come next as an objective of influencer marketing programs implementation by surveyed brands at a rate of 10.4%.
  • More loyalty from the customer base also listed as an objective of influencer marketing programs by surveyed brands at a rate of 4.2%.
Main Objectives of Influencer Marketing Programs 2019

Main Objectives Implemented Influencer Marketing Programs, 2019.


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