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Instagram Releases IGTV Series: A New Tool for Creators

October 22, 2019 |

Now you can easily watch IGTV series from creators you love and get notified when there are new episodes. On last Tuesday, Instagram released a new feature to its users to allow them to catch up their favorite new videos on IGTV from creators they love and get notified whenever they launch a new episode. …


WhatsApp Is Widely Used for Spreading Fake News in India, A New Study Says

October 18, 2019 |

The spread of fake news on social media has created an unprecedented crisis, especially in India. Lynch mobs, often prejudiced against certain minority communities and incensed by fake news, are taking the lives of innocents while the law-and-order system grapples with the rising violence. One of the major reasons behind the spread of misinformation has …


Snapchat Introduces Dynamic Ads to Attract More Advertisers

October 18, 2019 |

On Thursday, Snapchat introduced Dynamic Ads, which will allow campaigns to automatically bring hundreds of thousands of products to Snapchat users, based on their interests and in real-time.  Starting now, advertisers can pick from an array of templates that will be exposed to users during an open beta test period. Campaigns will launch in about …


LinkedIn Launches LinkedIn Events to Organize Professional Gatherings

October 17, 2019 |

LinkedIn is launching LinkedIn Events. The feature will be available to all members of the platform over the next few days, starting with English-speaking markets. The feature aims to help grow active, professional communities by building authentic, face-to-face relationships. Face to face meetings are a very necessary part of professional networking, as “in-person interactions” help …


Facebook Rolls Out New Tools For The Holiday Season Marketing Efforts

October 12, 2019 |

Facebook has released several new tools to assist businesses with their holiday season marketing efforts. According to a Facebook-commissioned study, nearly half of US shoppers start shopping for the holidays in November or earlier. So the time is now to reach shoppers on social media. Here’s a rundown of the new features Facebook is launching …


Twitter Issues an Apology for User Data Misuse for Ad Targeting

October 11, 2019 |

Twitter issued an apology on Tuesday for using phone numbers provided by users for security features in targeted advertising, claiming the incident was a mistake. Twitter at times encouraged users to provide their phone numbers, which were then added into its targeted advertising tool called Tailored Audiences. The tool enables advertisers to upload their customer …


Pinterest Launches Pinterest Academy for Marketers and Businesses

October 9, 2019 |

Pinterest Academy, a new e-learning platform was launched on Tuesday by the world’s catalog of ideas to help new businesses on the platform get started. Via the new academy, businesses will be able to discover the benefits of all ad products Pinterest has to offer, take advantage of the platform’s advanced targeting among several other …


Facebook to Pay $40 Million in Settlement for Inflating Video Ads Views

October 8, 2019 |

In a class-action lawsuit for incorrectly calculating average viewing time for video ads on its platform, Facebook has agreed to pay advertisers $40 million for the inflated video metrics it incorrectly provided. Advertisers sued Facebook in 2016 over user metrics that supposedly measured the average length of time consumers spent viewing posted video ads. The …


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